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The Laughing Boar

The Laughing Boar Restaurant

Chef Nick and Tracy Mueller inside the Laughing Boar

Chef Nick & Tracy Mueller Photo by Frank Fortune

The Laughing Boar is a private dinning experience by Chef Nick and Tracy Mueller with their own select seasonal menu.  

This unique restaurant offers an opportunity for total creativity for the Mueller team as they  incorporate their  latest recipe creations, along with inspiration from their European travels.

You will be treated to farm fresh and locally sourced ingredients from local gardens.   Taste unique appetizer creations at each course.

The main dinning room is on the upper floor, which adds to the charm of the dining experience, with seating for 30 guests. Al fresco dinning is possible on the large deck when the season allows.

Based on a reservation only system, a Chef’s Choice fixed price menu evolves with each season.

The Back StoryThe Laughing Boar Restaurant Located west of SavannahThe signature piece inside the restaurant is the mosaic boar table which was discovered when they met the artist on a trip to France.  John Pierre Solat is a mosaic artist and archeologist who created the table in Caseneuve, France. View his work.

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